Twelve Business Insights Earned in 12 Months of Business

On 1 September I celebrated The Happy Medium Company’s first birthday! In true Carmia fashion, I’ve spent some time reflecting on what I’ve learned and earned from sowing seeds for business success. 🙂 I jotted down the best twelve business insights earned over these 12 months and hope it might be useful to other young

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How to Release Your Addiction to Judgment

Once there was a man who came to me and asked me to be his coach. He wanted to center his coaching goals around living his happiest life. When I began to ask him what his definition of happiness is, he said it is to be rich; to have a lot of money. As his

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What To Do When Life Knocks You Down

Sometimes life hands us experiences of unexpected shock, trauma and obstacles. I recently faced it when my mom got breast cancer. Through this sad time I tried to find a way to move through it to recover. I wrote a list of things to do when life knocks me down again someday; how I could

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My Top Tips to Build Your Self-Worth

Self-worth, or lack thereof, has come up a lot in my coaching conversations these days. Women, and men, from all walks of life are struggling to sustain feelings of personal high-esteem and belonging. In a time where we’re receiving more than 5000 messages every day [whether it be over social media, TV or advertising], no

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Go from Inner Critic to Inner Peace with these Simple Steps

I have seen over and over again [in my own life and for my private coaching clients] that striving for inner peace doesn’t have to mean making drastic changes, but that you can create a true shift by adopting a few simple steps. The “simple steps” approach [or what I like to call a happy medium] gets

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27 Lessons I Learned by 27

The reason for that cute pic of 5-year-old me? On 22 March it was my 27th birthday. Over this time of growth and dreaming big, I thought I’d reflect on the most important and impactful lessons I learned over the years. I struggled to narrow it down to 27, but here ya go! I hope

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