Sometimes life hands us experiences of unexpected shock, trauma and obstacles. I recently faced it when my mom got breast cancer. Through this sad time I tried to find a way to move through it to recover. I wrote a list of things to do when life knocks me down again someday; how I could be more resilient. I know that thriving under hard times seems unnecessary when you're just trying to cope, but here five of my simplest coaching tips to keep your heartache at bay.

Breathe. Yes, it must be the 100th time you're hearing this, but take a deeeep breath! Inhale and exhale. It lets the oxygen flow through your body, free up tight knots and soothe your heart. Let it also be a reminder that you have life!

Focus on what you can control, not what you can't. So many times we think we can change something that is completely out of our control. As in, completely. Like someone's response to something or even the doctor's diagnosis. Ask yourself: What's in my power to change? Focus on that and nothing more. You'll find it also calming to give over control to those who are in control. Phew.

Find the lesson. There's always a lesson to be learned in any situation. What's healthy about this is that it creates meaning and purpose in your life, come rain or sunshine. Who knows, it might even be divine intervention and transform your obstacle into a success story for your life?

Create happy present moments. Don't expect of yourself to be happy and positive all the time. Instead, go easy on yourself. Create a moment - a space or event - for you to enjoy intentional happy time with your loved ones where you ensure the chosen moment is full of love, inspiration and joy! Trust me, it works!

Ask yourself What are three ways it could be worse?
This is another way of practising gratitude. What are three ways it could be worse? This shines light on your perspective and is an easy way to feel better quickly. Others are almost always worse off than you!

If you have a loved one dealing with a really big obstacle, please share this blog post with them. It might just help! :)

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Much happiness,


P.S.: Please feel welcome to let me know your thoughts on the above five tips! I'd love to know if they are helping you. I'm open to new suggestions too! :)

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