I recently hosted a fun year-end team-building function. As part of the experience, I invited the group to come up with 18 practical tips for a happier team in 2018. I’m must say I was quite impressed with their inventiveness and ideas! I'm convinced these tips will work because the team members themselves created these solutions. As they say, dreams don't work unless you do :) 

If your organisation, big or small, is looking to up their team in 2018, take note of these tips:

1. Choose your attitude! Help uplift team morale by choosing a positive, approachable outlook on your work and colleagues.

2. Show interest in team members. Feeling stressed? You’re not alone. Reach out to your teammates and you’ll be surprised to find yourselves in the same boat. Perhaps start with: How are you really doing? Or, “How did it go with your kid’s dance recital?

3. Celebrate small achievements. Trivial successes are also winnings! Get into a habit of commending small achievements and your performance results might just increase ☺

4. Spread your happiness! Statistics have proven that sharing joy makes those around you happy. If you’re feeling happy, why not share it?

5. Go on spontaneous coffee or breakfast dates. Make an effort to share quiet, free moments with your team. Doing ordinary things together proves for extraordinary results!

6. Laugh more! Don’t be shy to tell your latest joke or share funny cat videos. Not only will it make you happier, it will lift your team's spirits.

7. Award a team member monthly. Purchase a trophy at your local stationery store and nominate a team member each month for an extraordinary contribution they’ve made. Remember, celebrate the small achievements!

8. Get gifts. Create a place for team members to write a budgeted birthday gift wish-list and work together to pursue those birthday gifts to make each other feel extra special.

9. Squeeze stress balls. Buy a bunch of stress balls and place them in a bowl in the office. When anyone gets extra strained, grab one and start squeezing!

10. Get into the festive spirit. Remember Valentine’s Day, April Fools, Spring Day and Christmas? Take some time to bring in festal decorations and get creative while decorating the office!

11. Encourage each other to exercise. We all know exercise releases stress and tension. Remind each other to move your bodies, get outdoors or use the company gym.

12. Compliment each other. Make each other feel good by recognizing something you appreciate about each other. It works every time!

13. Encourage quiet time. Inspire your team to make time for stillness. Take 5 or 10 minutes to refocus and re-energise – go for a walk or take a few big breaths.

14. Enjoy games or activities over lunchtime. Make the most of your time and have some fun!

Plan for entertaining team-building functions. Make sure to get everyone’s input and find out what they want.

16. Have a kindness nomination box. Once per month, nominate 1 co-worker who did a selfless, caring act. Praise this person with a special card or email or hang their picture on the wall.

17. Smile. Uplift workplace morale by simply smiling at each other. Best part? It takes no time and no money and will make you feel good too.

18. Make happiness a habit. Try to invite small happy habits into your daily routine and watch as it transforms your life and workplace one day at a time.

Below, I’ve attached a PDF doc with these 18 tips under "TIPS DOWNLOAD". Feel free to download, print and stick it up at work in the New Year! :)
Wishing all organisations, big and small, a merry Christmas and fruitful New Year!
Please let me know how these tips have worked for you :)




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2 thoughts on “Tips for a Happier Team in 2018

  1. Great article. Will be going through it with my students this year.

    Just one thing – stationery not stationary. Sorry, I’m a lecturer, can’t help myself!

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